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 Black-Owned Farms In California

African American Farmers of California

Find black farmers in the state of California.

#1 African American Farmers of California (Fresno, CA)

For more than 100 years, African American Families have been farming in the San Joaquin Valley. Their dedication and love of the land have resulted in several generations of farmers and much skill in growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. The communities in which they live have an abundance of top-quality produce available from early spring to late fall. During the growing season, produce is also taken to Farmer's Markets in other cities. Special Markets are established for ethnic foods during the holiday seasons. Learn more about African American Farmers of California.

Farms to Grove, Inc

#2 Farms to Grow, Inc. (Oakland, CA)

The Farms to Grove, Inc's goal is to promote the sustainability and legacy of Black farmers as well as sprout the next generation of small farmers. To Document and disseminate farm history to advance the public's understanding of the important roles of Black farmers. To improve the access to urban food markets including schools, restaurants, and individual consumers for Black and other underserved farmers.

#FarmstoGrow #SupportBlackFarmers

Rancho de Rodney

#3 Rancho de Rodney (Fresno, CA)

Rancho de Rodney began as a disabled veteran business enterprise, growing herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Nanna’s Homestead

#4 Nanna’s Homestead (Hemet, CA)

Nanna's Homestead is a place where all are welcome to come harvest naturally organic vegetables and herbs. Where children will learn how to be self-sustainable. And enjoy hand-feeding the animals. Getting the eggs from a variety of chickens breeds. Learning about the different egg colors. It's all free. The children get a dozen of eggs and a plant to grow. With the opportunity to call me for growing pointers and instructions. My objective is to teach and educate our children and the adults about growing their own food.... cultivating animals for food... the natural and organic way. Find vegetables, herbs, and salsa. Everything that's cooked or made here on the Homestead. Comes from the Homestead. From the Farm..... To the Table.

Sweeting Ranch

#5 Sweeting Ranch (Loyalton, CA) 

Sweeting Ranch is a first-generation Rancher/Farmer in beautiful Loyalton, California which is in Sierra Valley. I ranch with my wife and two daughters and practice sustainable holistic type production practices. We center our ranch around a grass-based livestock system where animals are raised and finished on grass. We feel strongly about rotational grazing with our cows and sheep and using no-till methods of farming and having free-range eggs and pastured poultry as well. We are very big proponents of organic-based agriculture and lifestyle and advocate for small and medium-scale family farms and ranches. We like to meet and talk with people of all types of different Ag production models! Find Sweeting Ranch on Facebook.

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in California soon!

Black Fresh Market

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