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 Black-Owned Farms In Illinois

AM Lewis Farms

Find black farmers in Illinois.

#1 AM Lewis Farms (Matteson (Cook County), IL)

AM Lewis Farms has “Back to Eden” style leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, delicious fruit trees, and a flower farm selling produce, flowers, and fresh eggs. Find them on Facebook

Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Living

#2 Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Living (Pembroke Township, IL) 

Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Living is a comprehensive healthy living hub centering on food by growing and selling healthy and sustainable nutrient-dense foods. Find them on Facebook

Chi City Foods

#3 Chi City Foods (Chicago, IL)

Chi City Foods grows and provides delicious fruits, fresh herbs, and leafy vegetables for CSA boxes. Chi City Foods also teaches eco-farming; curates pop-ups and markets. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

#4 Finding Justice Garden (Chicago, IL)

Finding Justice Garden grows and sells organic produce including edible flowers using sustainable methods. Find them on Instagram

#5 From Hood to Table Urban Farm (Waukegan, IL)

From Hood to Table Urban Farm grows and sells a variety of leafy vegetables and sources meat from Black farmers to curate a food-to-table experience. Find them on Instagram.

#6 Goodman Edwards Farms (Chicago, IL)

Goodman Edwards Farms raises and sells farm-to-table duck eggs. Find them on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Youtube.

#7 Greenlords Farm (Galesburg, IL)

Greenlords Farm uses aquaculture and hydroponics to grow and sell organic leafy vegetables. Find them on  Facebook.

#8 Mustard Seed Sowers Farm (Carbondale, IL)

Mustard Seed Sowers Farm grows and offers sustainably grown produce, fresh herbs, dried herbs, and herbal tea. Find them on Facebook

Westside Bee Boyz, LLC

#9 Westside Bee Boyz, LLC (Chicago, IL )

Westside Bee Boyz, LLC raises bees and sells a variety of honey-based products including, honey, refreshing honey water, delicious honey soda, natural honey soaps, and honey lotions. Find them on  Instagram,  Facebook,  Twitter, and Linkedin.

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Alabama soon!

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