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Black-Owned Farms In Florida

Aqua Organics

Find black farmers in the state of Florida.

#1 Aqua Organics (Polk City, FL ) 

Aqua Organics Grows and sells a variety of fruits and leafy vegetables. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

813 Hood Garden

#2 813 Hood Garden (Tampa Region, FL )

813 Hood Garden grows its own ingredients and sells tea parties for one, tea bags, herbal seasoning, and seed. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Adri’s Fresh Express

#3 Adri’s Fresh Express (Oakleaf , FL) 

Adri’s Fresh Express produces a bag featuring different varieties of delicious garden-grown fruits and vegetables, depending on which season. Find them on Facebook.

Bartlett Park Community Garden

#4 Bartlett Park Community Garden (Saint Petersburg, FL) 

Bartlett Park Community Garden allows families and individuals without land of their own the opportunity to produce healthy and delicious food. Find them on Facebook.

Berry & Son’s Produce

#5 Berry & Son’s Produce (Burnell, FL) 

Berry & Son’s Produce grows and sells delicious fruits and leafy vegetables to wholesale & retailers in the North and Central Florida region. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

#6 Black Bee Honey (Orlando, FL) 

Black Bee Honey naturally harvests and sells pure, raw honey. Black Bee Honey runs a program that assists young entrepreneurs in understanding how to start and sustain a business Find them on Facebook and Instagram

DorRay Ranch


#7 DorRay Ranch (Webster, FL) 

DorRay Ranch provides a beautiful ranch with cattle grazing and hay. DorRay Ranch raises Angus Beef cattle for premium beef sales. Find them on Facebook.

Edwards Fruit Farm

#8 Edwards Fruit Farm (Fort Lauderdale, FL )

Edwards Fruit Farm naturally harvests and sells delicious fruit. Black-owned, family fruit farm based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Pick-up and Delivery are offered. Find them on Instagram.

Fisher Farms

#9 Fisher Farms (Jonesville, FL) 

Fisher Farms specializes in growing southern, ethnic crops. Fisher Farms is a fifth-generation farm located in Jonesville Florida. Specializing in locally grown southern crops. We will pick your produce fresh and have it ready for you at the Drive-Through Market at Working Food. Please place your order before market day. Find them on Facebook.

#10 Harvest Blessing Garden |(Jacksonville, FL ) 

Harvest Blessing Garden grows and sells leafy vegetables and offers nature classes (Hunting, Fishing, and Cooking). The Harvest Blessing Garden Retreat/Events include vegetables, fishing, nature classes, and Camping. Their mission is to escape to a relaxing of the mind. Find them on Facebook.

Infinite Zion Roots Farms

#11 Infinite Zion Roots Farms (Apopka, FL) 

Infinite Zion Roots Farms grows and provides easy access to seasonal organic produce. Zion Farms & Market is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We operate an urban farmer collective as Infinite Zion Farms.

Our mission is to provide access to organic produce to our community. Through gardening urban youth are also able to experience nature in a way they likely have not before. Kids and adults alike can join us and learn about basic agriculture education, environmental protection, and sustainability. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Melanated Organic Seeds

#12 Melanated Organic Seeds (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 

Melanated Organic Seeds sells organic non-gmo seeds online.  At Melanated Organic Inc. we believe that organic products are good for both the mind and body. We offer the best sustainable, Non-Hybrid organic seeds to produce high-quality and high germinating seeds. Find them on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Oxx Beekeeping LLC

#13 Oxx Beekeeping LLC (Orlando, FL ) 

Oxx Beekeeping LLC raises bees and sells honey, bees, and exotic honey-based body products. Oxx Beekeeping was founded in 2013 by Alwyn "Oxx" Simeina. Born in the Caribbean island of St.Lucia. His Beekeeping operation was started in Jacksonville Florida. While being mentored by Alice Shinkos and at the time the current president of the Jacksonville beekeepers association he learned treatment-free beekeeping. By robbing minimum honey from the bees this taught him techniques to prevent from feeding the honeybees sugar water as a substitute for their honey. Still, the practice is used to this day in this family-operated business. 

Honey Touched products were created in 2016. Oxx collaborated with Dermatologists, Estheticians, Cosmetologists, and Aestheticians to create his own skincare line based on the skin conditions he has encountered growing up. All products are made with raw and unfiltered honey and beeswax. Other ingredients are natural, cold-pressed, organic, and non-GMO. Hope you enjoy all the honey touched products that are not only good for your skin it's also good for your skin. Find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

Piner Family Farming

#14 Piner Family Farming (Summerfield, FL)

Piner Family Farming - “Passionate Farming for Your Family’s Pleasure”. Find them on Facebook.

Rocky Soil Family Farm

#15 Rocky Soil Family Farm (Monticello, FL )  

Rocky Soil Family Farm grows and sells vegetables and herbs for pick up; provides educational tours of farm life to students. Owners, Kiona & Chris Wagner, began their search for farmland around the South Florida area in 2016. With every property they looked at over the years, one thing was certain, the rocky soil. Though they did not reside in South Florida much longer due to the rising cost of land, a small patch of acreage caught their eye in the town on Monticello. Though the soil did not have a rock in sight, the literal concept of a rock then turned into a metaphorical concept of how we see things. When life presents a rock in your path you have three options, "go around it, under it, or over it".  

Thus, in 2019, Kiona and Chris took the chance of a lifetime and relocated their family to start their intensively grown market farm, Rocky Soil Family Farm. Their focus is to provide the local community and greater Tallahassee areas with seasonal veggies and herbs while baking some of the most delicious sweet and wholesome breads from scratch. Chris will use his skills as a Global Master Chef to create flavorful dishes for in the field farm-to-table dining experiences. From rustic concepts to fine dining, Rocky Soil Family Farm is providing engaging experiences for families and foodies alike.  Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Seed Mail Seed

#16 Seed Mail Seed (West Palm Beach, FL) 

Seed Mail Seed supplies seeds for leafy vegetables, delicious fruits, beautiful flowers, and fresh herbs. Seed Mail is an heirloom seed company that carries all sorts of seed varieties, from garden staples to uncommon and rare edibles. Each package is packaged with care and sometimes extra goodies, and delivered right to your doorstep. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Seed Time Harvest

#17 Seed Time Harvest (Monticello, FL) 

Seed Time Harvest grows and provides fresh food delivery within a 50-mile radius in North Florida. Find them on Facebook.

Smarter By Nature LLC

#18 Smarter By Nature LLC (Tallahassee, FL) 

Smarter By Nature LLC is a Micro-green farmer using regenerative agriculture. Smarter By Nature LLC also grow leafy vegetables and other fresh herbs such as Cerasee. Smarter by Nature LLC is an urban and rural farming business founded by Angelique Taylor and David "Kip" Ritchey.

Their goal is to provide fresh produce and opportunities for economic sustainability through education, as well as restore the natural environment.

Find them on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

#19 The Herban Life (Jacksonville, FL) 

The Herban Life is a farm where beekeepers grow fresh herbs, leafy vegetables, delicious fruit, and medicinal plants to sell honey, elderberry syrup, and all-natural body products. The Herban Life is an Urban Farm Certified and Inspected by the Florida Dept of Agriculture. We are Organic Growers!! Licensed Plant Nursery, Licensed Beekeeper, and Herbalist. 

The Tilapia Guys Corp

#20 The Tilapia Guys Corp (Clewiston, FL) 

The Tilapia Guys Corp farm raises and sells tilapia. The Tilapia Guys Corp is a South FL-based tilapia hatchery selling high-quality, sustainably bred fry & fingerlings. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Florida soon!

Black Fresh Market

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