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 Black-Owned Farms In Georgia

3Ts Farms, LLC

Find black farmers in the state of Georgie.

#1 3Ts Farms, LLC (Lincolnton, GA )

3Ts Farms, LLC  operates a hog farm for the sale of meat sales. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Adderson’s Fresh Produce

#2 Adderson’s Fresh Produce (Savannah, GA)

Adderson’s Fresh Produce grows and sells certified organic leafy vegetables and delicious fruits. Find them on Facebook

Atlanta Harvest

#3 Atlanta Harvest (Jonesboro, GA)

Atlanta Harvest provides a farming hub and a beautiful gardening workshop. Atlanta Harvest was established in 2013 and is an urban farm and wellness center serving the greater Atlanta area. Atlanta Harvest is committed to producing naturally-grown food in the city. Through community partnerships, we are passionate about mobilizing people for collective impact in distressed areas of our city. The mission of Atlanta Harvest is to cultivate passion and drive innovation in the city, for the city. We love the city of Atlanta and want to see it thrive through dignifying work opportunities and increased access to locally grown, farm-fresh food.  Find them on Facebook.

Bee Strong Apiary

#4 Bee Strong Apiary (Hiram, GA)

Bee Strong Apiary provides pollination bee services and honey production as a beekeeper. From the looks, the taste, and the consistency, it's hard to believe that honey starts with nectar gathered from flowering plants. The honey bee takes the nectar, and stores it in small sacs where enzymes help to break it down into sugar. Other bees then move that nectar into the cells that make up the honeycomb. After the honey is stored, they place a was coating over the honey so it doesn’t spill out and that’s where it is saved till needed. . Find them on Facebook.

Bread and Butter Farm to Table

#5 Bread and Butter Farm to Table (Monroe, GA)

Bread and Butter Farm to Table raises and sells chickens and fresh eggs.  Bread and Butter Farm to Table sells leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, and delicious fruit on their farms. Find them on Facebook and  Instagram

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Georgia soon!

Black Fresh Market

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