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 Black-Owned Farms In Hawaii

Aina & Co Supply

Find black farmers in Hawaii.

#1 Aina & Co Supply (Kealakekua, HI)

Aina & Co Supply Farms produces organic neem and select lush agricultural products and sells soap nut products and lifestyle apparel.  Founded in 2013, our small family-owned and operated company is dedicated to providing nature’s premier select agricultural products. We know the importance of building trust and we pride ourselves in top quality that’s unmatched. Hands-on, never compromised, and always committed. It’s a lifestyle.

Find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Moore Please Aquaponics

#2 Moore Please Aquaponics (Keaau, Hawai'i) 

Moore Please Aquaponics Farms sells vegetables and fish without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Moore Please Aquaponics is physically on the island of Hawai'i just south of Hilo in Keaau. Moore Please - Aquaponics is a farm growing sustainable and premium vegetables and fish. Our food is grown without pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. We produce a consistent amount of fish and produce all year long. 

Waikahe Farms

#3 Waikahe Farms (Mānā the island of Kaua’i, HI) 

Waikahe Farms grows and sells organic neem and neem oil. Established in 1998, by David and Karen Dickinson, Waikahe Farms was originally a hydroponics and field crop operation, with neem trees planted as windbreaks. Just as waikahe means 'to flow', our primary focus naturally led, like the waters of a stream, to producing cold-pressed neem oil and neem cake.

You can rest assured that each of our products was grown, hand-picked, and cold-pressed with aloha on Kaua'i by our family. Please contact us if you have questions. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. Find them on Facebook and  Instagram

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Hawaii soon!

Black Fresh Market

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