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 Black-Owned Farms In Hawaii

Black Owned Farms In Hawaii

Find black farmers in Hawaii.

1. Aina & Co Supply | Kealakekua, HI | Farms produces organic neem and select agricultural products; sells soap nut products and lifestyle apparel | Website + Instagram + Facebook + Twitter | Email: | Tel. 808-913-8063

2. Moore Please Aquaponics | Keaau, Hawai'i | Farms and sells vegetables and fish without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers | Website | Email: | Tel. 808-896-4574

3. Niiji Harvest Farm | Hawaii | Grows and sells fruits, vegetables and free-range, hand-gathered eggs | Website + Instagram 

4. Sugah Papi Farms | Waialua, HI | Farms and sells a variety of tropical fruits, sugar cane and fresh-pressed juices | Instagram + Market Spread 

5. Waikahe Farms | Mānā the island of Kaua’i, HI | Grows and sells organic neem and neem oil | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel.  808-338-0232 or 808-855-0987

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Hawaii soon!

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