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Black-Owned Farms In Indiana

Farmer JoAnn Johnson Campbell at The Vegetable Stand

Find black farmers in the state of Indiana.

Farmer JoAnn Johnson Campbell at The Vegetable Stand (Michigan City, MI) 
Grows and sells seasonal produce. Find them on Facebook.

Faith Farms

Faith Farms (Gary, IN) 
Grows and sells fruits and vegetables year-round using traditional farming and aquaponics along with operating an apiary to harvest honey, raising chickens and ducks while providing fresh eggs. Find them on Facebook.

Flanner Farms

Flanner Farms (Indianapolis, IN) 
Grows and offers fresh produce to the community as a program from the Flanner House. Find them on Facebook and on their Website.

I-tal Farms

I-tal Farms (Guilford, IN) 
Raises and sells chickens and goat meat. Find them on Facebook.

Lawrence Community Gardens

Lawrence Community Gardens (Indianapolis, IN)
Lawrence Community Gardens is growing food to be donated to the pantries, senior homes, and community organizations on 7.5 acres of land donated to us by Monarch Beverage. Find them on Facebook.

Legacy Taste

Legacy Taste  (Lyles Station, IN) 
Provides information on a healthy, sustainable, empowered life. Find them on Facebook

Legacy Taste of the Gardens  (Princeton, IN) 
Interacts and trains the youth of the community to grow organic vegetables and fruit. Find them on their Website.

Mother Loves Garden (Indianapolis, IN) 
Grows and sells a variety of vegetables and mushrooms, moringa, ethnic vegetables, and herbs 

New Age Provisions Farms

New Age Provisions Farms (Indianapolis, IN) 
Grows and sells hydroponic herbs, leafy greens, and a variety of vegetables. Find them on Facebook.

Peace Garden and Farms

Peace Garden and Farms (Gary, IN) 
Grows and sells fresh, healthy foods to the community, especially for schools. Find them on their Website.

Renaissance Farm

Renaissance Farm (Bloomington, IN)  
Produces and sells many varieties of heirloom and pollinated tomato seeds. Find them on Facebook.

Solful Gardens

Solful Gardens  (Indianapolis, IN) 
Delivers food to urban areas that are under-served. Find them on Facebook

The Elephant Gardens

The Elephant Gardens (Indianapolis, IN) 
The Elephant Gardens is a family-owned and operated Urban farm. We grow all organic produce in an Indy food desert. Find them on Facebook.

Three Sisters Garden (Indianapolis, IN) 
Grows and sells corn, squash, and beans. 

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Indiana soon!

Black Fresh Market

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