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 Black-Owned Farms In Arkansas

Black Owned Farms In Arkansas

Find black farmers in the state of Arkansas.

1. 360 Farms and Winery | Little Rock, AK | Produces and sells eggs, fruit, greens, and all forms of peppers | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 229-343-5088

2. Arkansas River Rice Mill | Pinebluff, AK  | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 870-209-9988 

3. Artee Porter Sr. | Tollette, AR | Cuts and bundles native Arkansas hardwood; fisherfolk | Facebook

4. Ayikewi Perry | Marianna, AR | Grows and sells soybeans; provides forestry services | Linkedin and Video Feature

5. DAB Farms |  Marianna, AR | Youtube | Email: bfscpdx@gmail.comAyikewi Perry | Marianna, AR | Grows and sells corn and soybeans; provides forestry services | Linkedin and Video Feature

6. Dell-Cam Farm, Inc. | Pinebluff (Jefferson County), AR | Corn, rice, soybeans | Tel. 870-535-2367

7. East Arkansas Enterprise Community | Forrest City, AR | Promotes economic and social development programs through sustainable agriculture; Grows and sells vegetables and seasonal fruits | Youtube | 870-630-2005

8. Light House Produce Farms | Little Rock, AK | Grows and sells a variety of fruits and vegetables | Facebook  | Tel. 501-223-8427

9. Momans Produce Estate | Eudora, AR | Grows and sells produce; provides educational and empowerment workshops to the local community of Chicot County by offering farming and gardening techniques during our youth and senior citizens summer camps | Website | Email:| Tel. 501-213-7065

10. Peaceful Pines Farms | Jefferson County, AR | Raises and sells goats, chickens, produce, and timber | Facebook | Email:

11. Phillips Ranching | Yell County, AR | Raises and sells beef cattle and turkeys | Email: | Tel. 479-264-1809

12. Scott Farms | Cotton Plant, AR | Harvests and sells soybeans and corn | Tel. 870-459-2215

13. W & W Produce | Poplar, AR | Andre Williams | Grows and sells  squash, zucchini, soy beans, wheat, corn, milo, tomatoes, bell peppers, melons and strawberries | Tel. 870-295-6439

14. Webb’s Urban Produce Farm | McCrory (Woodruff County), AR | Grows and sells mainly Irish potatoes and tomatoes | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 501-388-3970

Webbs Urban Produce Farm is almost the only Black-Owned Farm in Arkansas. This farm produces red Irish potatoes, tomatoes, honey, delicious bell pepper, and more.

  • Local Grown tomatoes #tomatoes
  • Local Grown honey #honey
  • Local Grown potatoes #potatoe
  • Local Grown watermelon #watermelon

Farmers Market with Webb's Urban Produce Farms

Help Support this Farm on GoFundMe - Saving Webb’s Family Farm and Market.

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Arkansas soon!

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