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Black Owned Farms In Tennessee

A Place of Hearth Farm | Pioneer, TN | Grows and sells vegetables with a specialty in greens and micro-greens | Facebook

Baja Califarm.ia | Tennessee + Kentucky + Georgia | Grows and sells certified organic flower, seed oil, dirty root and hemp fiber | Email: | Tel. 615-627-7510

Black Thumb Family Farm | Decatur, TN | Grows and sells pumpkins; offers on site a pick your own and agritourism | Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel.  423-991-4198

Cambridge Creek Ranch | Saulsbury, TN | Raises sand sells beef, lamb, goat, pork, rabbit; also provides services for the public to whitetail and turkey hunting, horseback riding, youth camps and team-building | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 901-291-2274

*Craft Farms | Collierville, TN  | Teaches farming and agriculture through Craft Farms to eradicate hunger and education on healthy and sustainable lifestyle activities. | Website + Instagram + Youtube | Email: or  | Tel. 901-229-2812

Good Drugs Farm | Nashville, TN | Raises a breed stock Kiko goats and Akbash livestock guardian dogs; Grows a variety of heritage apples | Website + Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Youtube | Email:

Heniscity Farm | Pegram, TN | raises NPIP clean heritage free-range livestock poultry for eggs/meat & is a licensed industrial hemp growing site. Homemade aromatic balms sourced from trees/herbs on-site, handmade customized fiber crafts & venue rental available. | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 423-291-7001

Lettuce N Leaf Farm | Morristown, TN | Grows hemp and sells CBD products; offers mother and cloned hemp | Facebook

Lockard’s Produce | Glimp, TN  | Grows and sells broccoli, cabbage, collards, cucumbers, herbs, kale, mustard greens, okra, onions, peas, peppers, potatoes, radishes, squash summer, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, turnip greens, and turnips | Twitter + Linkedin | 

Email: | Tel. 901-603-9124

Miller Farm | Burlison,TN | Raises and sells beef and beef cattle as a certified beef master producer | Instagram 

Okaeri Farms | Clarksville, TN | Facebook + Website + Instagram | Raises and sells chickens, turkeys and pigs for meat | Email:

Out the Mud Farm | Murfreesboro, TN | Grows fruits, vegetables, oyster mushrooms, rabbits, sea moss; sells signature rabbit poop fertilizer and mushrooms | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 615-617-3159

Plano Produce | Nashville, TN | Grows and sells organic, pesticide-herbicide free vegetables | Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 270-792-8548

Ruby’s Happy Farm | Cross Plains, TN | Harvests and sells corn, soybeans, tobacco and hemp without the use of fertilizers and pesticides; Operates as a licensed hemp farm | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email:

SFE Land & Cattle | Nashville, TN | Raises cattle and sells meat at below retail pricing | Website (still in development, but expect launch soon) | Tel. 615-308-7787

Smith Hatchery Farm | Ooltewah, TN | Operates as a small local hatchery that sells baby chicks, chickens, turkey's, ducks, pheasants, quail, guinea, and peacocks | Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 423-381-5375 

Sneed Bros. Farms | Drummonds, TN; Shelby and Tipton Counties, TN, as well as in Crittenden County, AK | Grows cotton, corn, soybeans and wheat | Tel. 901-835-2223

The Produce Tribe | Stanton, TN | Grows various tomatoes, greens,  cucumbers, okra, squash, cauliflower, and carrots; sell homemade jams | Website + Instagram | Email:

The Soulfood Exchange | Nashville, TN | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Tel. 615-933-9811

Trap Garden | Nashville, TN | Grows a wide selection of produce then distributes to the people; trains residents on how to garden and provides growing kits such as grow boxes; facilitates a number of programs that bring people back to growing their food  | Website + Facebook + Instagram 

Two Sprouts Farm | Chattanooga, TN | Offers pick up and Farm-to-doorstep organic veggie boxes, with free delivery within a 25 mile radius | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 423-682-9561

Zao Farms | Nashville, TN | Grows a variety of mushrooms and vegetables; Sells fresh lemonade (New microfarm still getting its legs) | Instagram

Zysis Garden | La Vergne, TN | Grows and sells cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, potted plants, air plants using the wabi sabi philosophy | Website + Instagram + Tik Tok | Email: | Tel. 615-506-6222

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