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 Black-Owned Farms In Alabama

Darden Bridgeforth & Sons

Find black farmers in the state of Alabama.

#1 Darden Bridgeforth & Sons (Tanner, AL)

Bridgeforth International (BI) is family-owned and operated in  Tanner Alabama. Since BI opened in 2012, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Our exclusive partnership with Darden Bridgeforth and Sons, allows us to provide high-quality products which are locally grown by experienced farmers.

At Bridgeforth International Corporation, we facilitate business between Bridgeforth Farms, the National Black Growers Council (NBGC), and overseas buyers while maintaining a key focus on promoting agribusiness education and awareness. 

Bain Home Gardens

#2 Bain Home Gardens (Rehoboth, AL)

The Bain Home Gardens family lives in the beautiful Southern Alabama town of Dothan. We love farming our little corner of the earth. If you are ready to join our journey towards sustainable, organic, non-GMO, chemical-free produce then take a seat, buckle up, & enjoy the ride! Follow our fantastic voyage via any of our blog series.

Fountain Heights Farms

#3 Fountain Heights Farms (Birmingham, AL)

Fountain Heights Farms have grown to four neighborhood-based farm spaces, built an aquaponics learning center, have distributed 10,802+ pounds of food free to the community valued at $32,406, provided neighborhood employment, hosted twelve in-person and virtual workshops, trained three burgeoning urban farmers, and provided education to residents regarding land access and land retention. And we are GROWING!

Hawkins Homestead Farm

#4 Hawkins Homestead Farm (Kinsey, AL)

The Hawkins Homestead Farm is a small family-owned and operated farm that specializes in fresh eggs, organic poultry, and organic seasonal produce. We had no idea that our search to feed our own family in a healthy and sustainable manner would turn into helping feed others, but we’re sure glad it did!

Mack Haymaker Cattle Co.

#5 Mack Haymaker Cattle Co. (Auburn, AL)

Here at Mack Haymaker, we do our best to raise cattle that can and will survive in the real world on low inputs.

S&B Farm

#6 S&B Farm (Eufaula, AL)

The S&B Farm believes regenerative farming is our best hope for feeding ourselves without destroying our planet. To “regenerate” means to be formed or created again, restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state, to generate or produce anew, or to restore to original strength or properties while creating sustainability.

We hope to see more Black-Owned Farms in Alabama soon!

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